Marine operations

Miros sensors and systems provide real-time monitoring of wave parameters to reduce “waiting on weather”, increase weather windows and increase safety. We work with the most demanding owners and operators of rigs and offshore vessels to provide better data for operational decisions and insights.

Our products for Marine operations


Miros provides reliable, real-time wave and surface current data, undisturbed by the motion and propulsion of the ship (measured away from the hull based on ship radar), and presents true Speed through Water (StW) for better fuel optimization, as well as input to hull stress monitoring, cargo safety and passenger comfort.

Our products for Shipping

Coastal monitoring


Miros sensors and systems help protect coastlines, ports and critical infrastructure around the world. From a national tide monitoring network in Spain and storm surge detection in Korea to sea state monitoring and erosion protection in Japan and oil spill detection in ports in India. Miros offers the best remote sensors and systems for sea state monitoring of coastlines and ports.

Our products for Coastal monitoring

Offshore field operations

Based on more than 30 years experience Miros provides accurate, reliable and flexible monitoring systems for harsh offshore environments at a very competitive life cycle cost. Measuring local environmental conditions is critical for the safety of staff and the integrity of your assets – be it topside Oil & Gas or an Offshore Wind Farm. The requirements for accurate and reliable Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) are expanding in an increasingly safety conscious world and Miros has the expertise to assist in designing, building, installing and maintaining such systems for you.

Our products for Offshore field operations

Offshore wind

Miros’s solutions collect data directly to the cloud utilizing dry, IoT-enabled sensors, providing real-time and historical data to all life-of-field interfaces, anytime, anywhere. The enhanced situational awareness increases safety at sea and optimizes operational weather windows.

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