Miros delivers world-class class remote sensors for measuring the ocean surface. Our portfolio of sensors is unique in its accuracy and availability providing out-of-water sea state measurements, free from structural disturbances. Miros Group has a 30-year track record of successfully providing ocean insights to the global maritime industry, on and off-shore.


The Miros RangeFinder is a high-frequency vertical microwave radar providing sea level, tide, non-directional wave monitoring, ride control and air gap measurements. The measurement principle provides accurate measurements undisturbed by fog, rain and water spray (unlike laser sensors). The RangeFinder is available as an IoT-based sensor meaning that it is truly plug-and-play only needing power and an internet connection to give secure access to immediate, real-time data about the ocean state.

How does it work?

The sensor emits a microwave frequency modulated (FM) chirp signal and receives the echo from the water surface. The signal propagation delay given by the distance from the antenna to the water surface causes a beat signal in the receiver. By means of advanced signal processing, the beat frequency is converted to an accurate distance. The FM chirp is generated by a digitally synthesized frequency sweep oscillator with absolute frequency linearity and high stability. The sensor, therefore, provides accurate range measurements and high long-term stability. Up to 50 measurements per second are averaged over a user-selectable averaging time and the distance to the surface can range from 1 to 100 meters which is superior to what any competing product can offer.

What makes the RangeFinder unique?

The Miros RangeFinder measures with millimetre accuracy (+/- 1mm) in all weather conditions. Delivered with motion compensation for measurements on vessels, it is the only system in the world which provides wave parameter data with sufficient accuracy to meet DNV GL’s Offshore Standard (DNV-OS-H101: Marine Operations, General).

The Miros RangeFinder offers the following benefits:

  • Operability improvements up to 15%*
  • Increased operational safety
  • Real-time data delivered to any device
  • Historical weather data and performance readily available to all stakeholders off- and onshore

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*For northern North-sea locations for planned operational period of fewer than 4 hours and a design wave height of 3.5 m.

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