Miros delivers world-class class remote sensors for measuring the ocean surface. Our portfolio of sensors is unique in its accuracy and availability providing out-of-water sea state measurements, free from structural disturbances. Miros Group has a 30-year track record of successfully providing ocean insights to the global maritime industry, on and off-shore.


Miros WaveWeather delivers accurate, real-time measurements of local sea state and weather conditions to any user, on any device, providing critical data for all relevant stakeholders, on- or offshore. The compact solution is easy to install, simply requiring Internet and a power supply to get started. The environmental data is then immediately accessible anywhere, without the need for any external processing. This dry, Cloud-integrated solution makes the costly maintenance associated with underwater equipment a thing of the past and can be leveraged to support safe and efficient operations.

With Miros WaveWeather you gain real-time access to local measurements of the following parameters:

Wave Height and Period Humidity
Airgap/Draught Rainfall
Water Level/Tide Wind Speed
Air Pressure Wind Direction

WaveWeather can also be integrated with additional third-party sensors, upon request.

What are the advantages of Miros WaveWeather?

Data Availability

Operational and planning support: Putting accurate, reliable data in the hands of decision makers at the right time is key for successful operations. With Miros WaveWeather, users gain access to real-time, local environmental data wherever they are. Access can easily be given to third parties involved in the operation (vessels, operation centres, etc.).

Post-operation and incident analysis: With Miros Cloud, all data is stored for quick and easy download in order to facilitate access to performance statistics, post-operation and incident analyses.

Integration with third-party data: Miros Cloud enables easy integration with third-party sensors on site, tidal tables, weather forecasts and other relevant data sources to build a holistic decision-support system.

Data Quality & Reliability

Remote sensing: For more than 35 years, Miros’ customers have benefited from the wider weather windows, operational decision support, increased performance and enhanced safety provided by our dry, remote sensors.

Certified accuracy: Miros sensors are thoroughly tested and certified by reputable certification agencies such as DNV GL.

Dramatically Lower Cost of Ownership

Plug & play: Miros WaveWeather is based on plug and play sensors with embedded processing and browser-based GUIs for easy access to a configurable display of data. No integration or external processing is required.

Dry, maintenance-free sensors: Miros WaveWeather is uniquely cost-effective, with no equipment submerged in water and physical maintenance reduced to a minimum.

Who Is It For?

Miros WaveWeather is a situational awareness solution intended for any industry or user relying on accurate, local environmental data for operational decision-making. The solution is designed for:

  • Tidal Stations: Accurate tidal, sea state and weather data. Cloud-based, real-time visualisation, data storage, data streaming and post processing.
  • Offshore Wind: Real-time sea state and weather data for operational planning and decision support.
  • Ports: Real-time water level, sea state and weather data, providing accurate local data for ship entry and exit planning.

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