Miros delivers world-class class remote sensors for measuring the ocean surface. Our portfolio of sensors is unique in its accuracy and availability providing out-of-water sea state measurements, free from structural disturbances. Miros Group has a 30-year track record of successfully providing ocean insights to the global maritime industry, on and off-shore.

Wavex Virtual Sensor

Wavex® is a virtual sensor designed for wave and current measurements using data from standard marine X-band radars. The sensor is operative at all ship speeds as well as from fixed locations.

How does it work?

The Wavex system measures sea state from digitized sea clutter images provided by a marine X-band radar. That radar backscatter from the sea surface is modulated by gravity waves, giving wave-like patterns in the images. The modulation is related to three mechanisms

  1. tilt modulation
  2. hydrodynamic modulation
  3. shadowing

Grazing angles in the range of 1 to 10 degrees are recommended to achieve an appropriate radar image contrast Cartesian sections are extracted from the radar images for further processing and data from the Cartesian sections are combined into one directional wave spectrum. A minimum wind speed of 1 – 2 m/s must be present for Wavex to record wave a and current data. Recommended radar antenna mounting height is 15 – 100 meters above the sea.

Miros Wavex applications and benefits:

Wavex provides accurate and reliable wave parameters, including 2D-spectrum, surface current magnitude and direction, as well as speed through water calculations – all these output parameters are key to:

  • Input for more accurate measurements of vessel fuel consumption
  • Enhanced vessel performance evaluations
  • Hull performance monitoring systems
  • Reduced weather-related vessel damage
  • Improved passenger comfort

Miros’ Wavex technology provides you with accurate, real-time ocean surface current measurements uninfluenced by vessel motion and propellers while doing away with the costs of traditional underwater sensors and the related maintenance and underwater operations.

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